‘Heartbreak’ (2018), is a photographic narrative series of everything that is left unsaid, in the utter emotion that follows the ending of a relationship. I invited these people into a safe space where they shared their experiences with heartbreak and through their gaze and emotion, I tried to capture the profound sadness and disappointment they have experienced. Each photo is subtitled with the words that each person would be thinking of, or saying in that moment.

‘My Name Is Glitch’ (2017) is a series of glitched self-portraits. Through these images the discussion about the massive portrayal of the self in 21st century is open. This is the first era of constant showcasing of self-images (or selfies) via online platforms and while self-portraits can be seen throughout history, there has never been a period of such extensive self-branding. The glitch itself emphasizes the fact that selfies often tend to be a false representation of the self. This series later inspired the installation ‘My Selves’ (2018).

These images are a part of a commission I did for the Rusty Spoke Saloon in 2018. They are a part of a published calendar, which was sold in Bulgaria. My role in this project was to find and communicate with the models, arrange photoshoots, props, etc., photograph and edit the images. 

'Chiaroscuro' is an experimental series of photographs I created, playing with lights and shadows similar to the technique Chiaroscuro in drawing and painting. This series later on influenced my work 'Eros', which I created in 2019. 

'Chiaroscuro' series

Digital image Variable dimensions 2016