Get a signed limited edition giclée print of Boyana Aleksova's award-winning painting 'Tribe' No2. The prints are produced by Towngate Publications onto 200gsm paper, height: 44cm; width: 45.7cm . They are numbered and signed on the back of each print. Selling editions 3-10 on this website.

Signed Limited Edition Prints 'Tribe' No2

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  • 'Tribe' (2016-ongoing) is a series of watercolour and acrylic portraits of the tribe Huli from Papua New Guinea. This particular tribe was the subject of this series because of the saturated colours of their masks and body paints. The purpose of this experimentation was to push the boundaries of watercolour and eventually take the "water" out and leave "colour" as the name of this new medium. By concentrating on the colour saturation and facial expressions, I have managed to portray the tradition and emotion of this tribe into these almost photographic images.