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'For Us'


'For Us' is an eco-activist art performance that took place on 12 June 2021 in Novi Chiflik and Kyustendil, Bulgaria where Aleksova collaborated with locals in the clean-up of the river Struma which was the victim of pollution.



A series of digital images created by Aleksova as a part of her book 'Building a responce-able artistic practice in the Chthulucene' in an exploration of maps, pen drawing, digital image creation and printmaking.

Banshtitsa, Toxic Eden no grid.png
metal in river Banshtitsa for 3 days_edited.jpg

'Inhabiting an Anthropocene'


Can art be created by nature?

Aleksova tested this question through a method of rivers as she left three pieces of steel in three river locations in the rivers Banshtitsa and Bistritsa around Kyustendil, Bulgaria.



Through her experimental watercolour practice Aleksova challenges the notions of traditional watercolour painting by using steel as the base of each work, sometimes etching the steel with acid which deteriorates the metal, creating beautiful patterns of rust.

Boyana Aleksova, Ripple lV, 2019_edited.png
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